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An accreditation that would make every kiwi proud.

Sustainable Winegrowers

We’re not here to blend in

We match Swandris with sequins. We choose integrity over easy. We believe heart is a better measure of value than heritage. We think progress and change is more important than following the rules. That means we make wine not only true to nature - but true to our own: who we are, where we’re from and what we believe in. The result of standing true to what matters to us, is to bring you a wine that stands out from the rest.

"91/100. The first commercial release of this wine. 5% barrel-fermented with lengthy maturation in oak. Rich, textural sauvignon with toast, nutty lees and ginger flavours occupying centre stage with guava, grapefruit and passion in the background."

Bob Campbell- The Real Review

"Crafted by exciting young winemaker Alice Rule, this is classic Marlborough Sauvignon with a winning twist and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Lovely notes of lemongrass, bashed basil,  and jalapeño burst out of the glass..." 

Yvonne Lorkin - Winefriend

You know a wine is good... like really good when you start speaking to it! And that's exactly what I did with my first sip.. "oh my god you're beautiful". 

Rebecca Hartley-Smith

"Alice is one of thee most genuine, high energy and passionate people you'll ever meet. She brings fantastic wine with integrity to the table and is quite clearly a producer to be valued. Great morals, great wine."

Boutique Connection

Wine Reviews

"Looking for something that can fire you up about a variety where you think you have tasted it all? Rich with tropical fruit, round without being cloying, lean where it gives depth. This is a wine that should be tried to get you back into Sauvignon."

Sip NZ

A play-on-words is one thing.

Learn about our name