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A story of a young brave kiwi

Our story

New Zealand has a special kind of magic

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We are carbon negative

Our carbon negative approach

We’re here to honour our legacy

"Our world needs protecting. And it’s on us – the young ones, the brave ones, the let’s-try-something-new ones – to make sure that happens." Alice Rule

Our carbon offset portfolio


Our sustainability story

Cameron Douglas MS Wine Reviews

Not only does Cameron Douglas carry the Master Sommelier credential (only around 240 have attained this qualification since its inception in 1969, and the Masters’ Exam is deemed the hardest in the world), but he earned it as the first in New Zealand (in fact, at the time, the first in the Southern Hemisphere) and took out the trophy for the top marks – demonstrating that this Kiwi will stop at nothing to further his love of all things beverage.


The level of craft behind 3sixty2 extends long beyond the wine itself. These beautiful, testing, proud moments have been captured by Ryan McCauley to illustrate our journey to share with you the memories we make each vintage. Check out his work, he is a good bugger and a very special part of the 3sixty2 team.

Ryan McCauley Photography

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