We believe crafting wine not only begins, but must end, with nature.

Capturing the very best of what nature has grown, is a craft we have been working on refining. It is very 3sixty2 in style to produce big age worthy wines, even our Sauvignon.

Every 3sixty2 wines will begin with a wild ferment.  Then depending on the year, and what those yeasts are delivering, we will inoculate at around 25% (though this changes depending on varietal and year) of the way through with a mixture of five yeasts. Each yeast is chosen for a specific job, is our signature and our little trade secret.

The wines also are given time to go through a natural malolactic fermentation and left in barrel for often lengthy maturation.

It's important to let the wines express themselves. Thats why we encourage wild ferments and natural malolactic ferments.

Alternate Sauvignon Blanc

Oh mate, I wouldn't have to work again if I got a dollar for every time I was asked 'why is it so old, aren't you supposed to drink Marlborough Sauvignon young?'.

Alternative Sauvignons are those categorised in pushing winemaking boundaries, and crafting something that isn't a style you can find in abundance in your local grocery store. 

Typically they are more tropical in style, they have wild ferments, barrel ageing, lees stirring and are designed to drink older. The wine style is typically more  rich, less acidic than the expected Sauvignon and are cherished for being different. 

Our Sauvignon goes through a clarifying process pre fermentation called flotation. This is how it works in its simplest form.

  • Enzyme is added to crushed fruit
  • Clarifying agent is added
  • Nitrogen gas makes bubbles around the solids and floats them to the top of the tank
  • Vacuum cleaners such the impurities away, leaving clean juice


  • We believe it is the gentlest process on the juice
  • Fast ~ 2 hours
  • Less energy, sustainable 
  • Less solids waste
  • Does a better job retaining primary aromas, less colloid issues, and probably helps colour stabilisation compared to other settling techniques. 



I have been lucky enough to work under some exceptional Chardonnay winemakers in my career to date, and this 3sixty2 Chardonnay is influenced by each and everyone of them. 

Grapes are hand harvested from Wairau vineyard, gently whole bunch pressed and juice goes straight into barrel unclarified to begin a wild ferment. Again at around 25% of the way through, the juice is inoculated with the special yeast mix to complete the ferment. 

Wine is left on lees for stirring, and later goes through a natural malolactic fermentation.


We didn't make much of this. 

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