Our Purpose

3Sixty2 looks to our past for guidance, to the future for inspiration, and within for direction.

3sixty2 Sustainable Wine New Zealand

It’s about honouring your nature; here’s what that means to us

It means to look to the future

New Zealand’s wine industry is strong. Heritage and tradition have got us here, but innovative thinking, fresh perspective, creativity in winemaking and a greater understanding of the changing consumer market is what will keep us ahead. 

And to look after it

Sustainability is at the heart of 3sixty2’s ethos. We treat guardianship of the land as a privilege, not part of our sales pitch. Supporting 3Sixty2 means supporting the care and continuation of the environment that makes New Zealand wine so special.

It means standing out

We know that success comes by learning from the best, but emulating no one. It comes from committing to quality and perfection, without losing the fun and creativity that comes with our craft. It means dreaming big, without losing sight of what makes staying small so special. It comes from never wavering from who we are, and why we do it.

It means community

And here’s that ‘why’. After all, what is wine, without the connections and experiences that come with it? Whatever those occasions are for you - perhaps connecting with friends, sharing a celebration, or reflecting in evening solitude - they come with the knowledge that in those small yet significant moments, you’re now playing a part in creating something bigger. 

These are the moments that we make this wine for.  This is why we honour our nature.