In the business of doing good business

In the business of doing good business

Sustainability is a value that sits at the heart of 3sixty2’s ethos. The land is our home, supporting and nourishing our family for generations. We cherish our deeply instilled respect for mother nature, and honour this connection through kaitiakitanga. Kaitiakitanga is about guardianship and conservation of the land, sea and sky. It is the responsibility of all of us to respect and protect Mother Nature, and we consider it a privilege to be her guardians.

The natural environment plays a huge part in New Zealand’s national character, our international prestige and the lifestyle we enjoy. Hunting, fishing and farming is a huge part of our life, and we want it to be a part of our children’s future, too. As such, we believe that doing good for the land is not a choice. It’s the best way forward.

Being one of New Zealand's youngest wine producers, it matters to me that we start making decisions that honour nature as it has honoured us for thousands of years.


3sixty2 wines are grown and sourced from Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand (SWNZ) accredited vineyard in Marlborough. 

Sustainability is an integral part of the New Zealand wine industry. New Zealand’s winemakers and grape growers are committed to crafting exceptional wine while helping the natural environment, local businesses and communities to thrive. New Zealand Wine has six sustainability focus areas aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals; Water, Waste, Pest and Disease, Soil, Climate Change and People. 

Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand

3sixty2 provision New Zealand made low weight wine bottles. On average 67% of our wine bottles are made from recovered glass.

Maybe you are wondering if colour sorting and recycling glass is worth the effort? For glass – absolutely. Glass is infinately recyclable right here in New Zealand. Also, using recycled bottles and jars  in the production of new wine bottles means the furnace can run at lower temperatures reducing a wines carbon footprint. This also means using less virgin materials such as sand and soda ash. 

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Carbon offsets

We measure, reduce and offset more than 200% of our carbon emissions, for every single bottle produced. Our carbon credits are made up of three global projects to help with conservation across rainforests and biodiverse environments as well as providing renewable energy sources: 

50% Arawera Native Forest Conservation – Taranaki, New Zealand

25% Clean Energy Wind Power Project – India

25% Wind Power, Karnataka, India 

Measure, Reduce, Offset
Packaging & Labels

 My commitment has been to design out waste, reduce emissions and adopt a circular approach in which I operate the business.We have consciously chosen to use recycled craft cardboard that is plastic free and completely recyclable.

All 3sixty2 wine labels are Enviro-mark gold certified and use UV flexo inks.

We believe that UV is the most environmentally sustainable ink technology for a quality label. Our label suppliers Label and Litho source all raw materials from reputable suppliers with paper labels printed on stocks that are supplied to us by companies that are FSC accredited.

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