Founder - Alice Rule

When I was 25, I founded 3sixty2 with a dream to accelerate the circular economy in New Zealand wine.

A chance meeting with a local contractor sparked a lucky turn; a career in wine.

Rooted by heart and not by feet, she has since travelled throughout the country, to study her craft at Lincoln University, and to work alongside top performing winemakers, in leading New Zealand vineyards and wineries, across our premier wine-producing regions.

In a career that already boasts awards, accolades and mentorship from innovators and big thinkers, Alice is challenging the status quo in an industry steeped in tradition.

Starting out was hard. Those years were about learning hard and fast, relentless sacrifice, and self discipline. It was tough. Still is.  At the time, I was criticized for being too young, too ambitious, inexperienced- too soft. Still am. 

Adversity, and the resilience to overcome it, are themes that link James Busby, New Zealand’s first winemaker’s, story to our own. And while ours hasn’t been the easiest journey, the naysayers, the challengers and the critics have been the making of 3Sixty2. After all, progress doesn’t come by following convention.

This success comes from learning from the best, but emulating no one. Dubbed a one-to-watch-winemaker, Alice Rule is now challenging the industry status quo not because of her gender or age, but in spite of it.

Discovering wine was a beautiful accident. But this success has only happened with courage, tenacity, ambition and determination - just the kind of skills you pick up as a girl growing up on a far north farm. 

From these roots, our values stem. Kaitiakitanga is a part of our DNA, sustainability is an intrinsic part of our ethos, and nurturing harvests to produce premium wine is a privilege we don’t take lightly.