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Alice Rule 3sixty2

When I was 25, I founded 3sixty2 with a dream to accelerate the circular economy in New Zealand wine.

Alice founded 3Sixty2 on two guiding principles - sustainability and guardianship of the land - the principle of kaitiakitanga. As a start-up operation, Alice had to incorporate new technology into her business for better operating efficiency, making 3Sixty2 agile and not bound by legacy systems or ideologies.

Rooted by heart and not by feet, she has since travelled throughout the country, to study her craft at Lincoln University, and to work alongside top performing winemakers, in leading vineyards and wineries, throughout New Zealand. Her last three vintages were at Te Mata Estate, Craggy Range and Church Road. 

Alice won an AGMARDT scholarship June 2019 to undertake research through Kellogg Rural Leadership program. For six months she studied the circular economy of glass in NZ’s wine industry and researched producer responsibility schemes all over the world.

We want to have an impact on the world, not the planet. The environment is our biggest stakeholder, and we believe crafting wine not only begins, but must end, with nature. For me sustainability isn’t an afterthought; it’s the foundation for each part of our process, where the circularity of our resources reflects the circularity of nature - only taking or using what we know can be given back.

"The environment is our biggest stakeholder, and we believe crafting wine not only begins, but must end, with nature in mind." Alice Rule 

  With a strong and tenacious heart instilled from a hard-working father who juggled raising stock with raising two daughters, a courageous, entrepreneurial head that she credits to her Dutch immigrant grandfather, imbibed through summers spent alongside him, tending to his orchard, and an innate knowledge and appreciation for nature, Alice is taking ownership of her own winemaking journey.  

In doing so, she envisaged a wine that ignites a conscious choice, with a focus on sustainability, progression and change. 3sixty2 honours a commitment to the quality and process so proudly revered in New Zealand wines, while representing a new story for the country’s winemaking industry. 

Adversity, and the resilience to overcome it, are themes that link James Busby, New Zealand’s first wine maker’s, story to our own. And while ours hasn’t been the easiest journey, the naysayers, the challengers and the critics have been the making of 3Sixty2. After all, progress doesn’t come by following convention.

Dubbed a one-to-watch-winemaker, Alice Rule is now challenging the industry status quo not because of her gender or age, but in spite of it.

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