"Wine is there for you to celebrate small wins. It's there to remind you of nature, maybe the aroma of fresh cut grass or your nana's plum jam. Special wines take you back to a place.”


Alice, who the F** is Alice?

Young wine producers have started tearing down everything that needs changing in our sector - the intimidation, the disregard for the environment, it's lack of inclusivity - and are starting to change the game. My name is Alice and I am one of them.

For too long, climate change has taken the backseat in our environmental conversations.

I founded 3sixty2 because well... I love wine - but equally I prefer wines with little to no carbon footprint. And there were none. It made no sense to me because wine is so inherently related to our nature and our surroundings - that it seemed wrong that while polar ice caps are melting and our growing season is sneaking further and further forward - that no one was talking about carbon footprints. So I did.

New Zealand has a special kind of magic.

Untamed landscapes, fertile soils, millions of passionate people – it’s a great place to live, and a great place to make wine. It’s an honour to call it our home. Which is why, we’ve decided to do everything we can to protect it.

At 3sixty2, we’re pretty lucky. We have a founder, Alice. She’s young and brave and great at making wine. She cares deeply about our land and the marks we leave behind. She’s an adventurer, a pioneer, and a Kiwi who gives a damn. She is the heart and soul inside every bottle.

Like many Kiwis, Alice began with an idea. She’d make wine, she thought, but she’d do it her way – with one eye on the vines, and the other always looking to the land and the sea and the sky. She’d stand tall as an eco-warrior, showing the world how it could, and should, be done. She’d put community first and champion the power of true connections. And, she’d work hard. Really hard.

At 3sixty2, we make beautiful wine. But that’s not the only reason we’re here. We’re here to honour our legacy, nurture our future and offer our guardianship for Aotearoa. We’re here for the wine-drinkers, the wine-makers and the nature-lovers. We’re here because things need to change.

Our world needs protecting. And it’s on us – the young ones, the brave ones, the let’s try-something-new ones – to make sure that happens.

We’d like you to come along with us. To drink with us as we pioneer a different way of thinking, a better way of being, and a whole new way of producing New Zealand wine.

Honour your nature. Strive for more.

Marlborough New Zealand

Marlborough is found at the top of New Zealand’s South Island. With the Cook Strait to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the east, Marlborough experiences a maritime climate. This cooling influence coupled with some of the highest sunshine hours in New Zealand, makes Marlborough a perfect region for grape growing.

kind words

Change maker Pinot. Far out, what a wine! Cherry, subtile smoke, soft tannin. Unreal


Interesting Sauvignon, not what I was expecting. Oak, flint, citrus. Love it.