Climate Change Policy

Climate Change Policy

3Sixty2 is a number that represents tenacity, courage and staying true to yourself. It’s about not playing by the rules. It’s about honouring your nature, no matter what. Because in today’s world, standing up for what’s right has never been more important.

3sixty2 acknowledges that:

  • The greenhouse gas emissions causing climate change are a product of our ‘take-make-waste’ extractive economy, which relies on fossil fuels and does not manage resources for the long-term. A step-change is needed to put the world on track to achieve zero emissions by 2050 to meet the 1.5 ̊C target set out in the Paris Agreement.

  • Adopting a circular economy framework can achieve an estimated 9.3 billion tonne reduction of greenhouse gases in 2050. This is equivalent to eliminating current emissions from all forms of transport globally.

  • As well as tackling both the causes and effects of climate change, the circular economy can help meet other UN Sustainable Development Goals, chief among them SDG12 (responsible consumption and production). It has been shown that the circular economy framework can improve air quality, reduce water contamination, and protect biodiversity.

  • Achieving a circular transformation will require concerted effort: we cannot can go about it alone. Organisations such as CarbonClick, Sustainable Business Network, Sustainable Winegrowers, WineWorks, Ellen MacArthur, The Lever Room, and Government can put the circular economy squarely on the climate agenda, and give it the prominence afforded other important emissions-reduction activities such as energy efficiency
    and reforestation.

3sixty2 adopts a staged 5-point plan to respond to climate change.

3sixty2 will:

  1. Continue to nourish carbon neutral goals with CarbonClick with a commitment to be carbon neutral by 2025. 

  2. By 30 April become members of Sustainable Business Network and actively participate in climate change and circular economy forums and trainings.

  3. By 1st June 2020, ensure that all our operations and events are zero-waste and incorporate community co-benefits.

  4. By July 1st we will have a full sustainability transparency strategy in place 
  5. By 15th September 2020  Carbon Neutral provisioning review will be complete and partner only with climate change leaders in all aspects of the business this includes but is not limited to; packaging, marketing collateral, energy providers, banks, insurance brokers, key suppliers, wine bottling, transportation. 

3sixty2 will review and update this policy in May annually to take account of progress with the plan and New Zealand Wine climate change response.