Measure, Reduce, Offset

3Sixty2 prides itself on being New Zealand littlest carbon positive wine producer. Our plan to eliminate our wines' carbon footprint, was achieved four years ahead of schedule. We have done this by measuring the emissions of everything from raw materials to their end of life. We then reduce our impact by only using recyclable packaging, reducing our bottle weight, and mindful provisioning. And lastly we offset what cannot be reduced.  For wine, this is inevitable given our vines, soil, cover crop sequestration isn't counted under the Paris Agreement. We are okay with this - because it means we sleep easy knowing the business offsets more than it emits.

What is a carbon footprint?  

carbon footprint

/ˌkɑːbən ˈfʊtprɪnt/

the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere as a result of the activities of a particular individual, organisation, or community.

 Our carbon footprint is made up of the kilograms of carbon dioxide emitted when producing a bottle of 3sixty2. It is measured in the unit CO2e (e meaning equivalent emissions). The easiest way to think of this is how we think of calories in our food - a unit measurement. To loose weight, we eat foods with less calories. To reduce our carbon footprint, we can choose products that have lower carbon footprints.


We measure the carbon footprint for each tonne of grapes, transport of grapes to the winery, winemaking, electricity, waste water, composting, packaging materials, bottling and storage. 


The land is our home, supporting and nourishing our family for generations. We cherish our deeply instilled respect for Mother Nature, and honour this connection through kaitiakitanga. For us, this means putting in more than what we take out, supporting biodiversity and continuing to seek ways to reduce our environmental impact. 3sixty2 is a certified member of Sustainable Winegrowers New Zealand (SWNZ) with an uncompromising commitment to industry best-practice. 


When I founded 3sixty2, it was my dream to operate my business carbon neutral by 2025 - it was part of a long term strategic plan. I'm pleased to say I achieved that goal four years early. As a consequence of establishing a close, mutually beneficial partnership with CarbonClick, they have subsequently involved me as a stakeholder and early adopter in multiple projects, including work they are doing in the wine industry, their business products and consumer offsetting platform, allowing me to contribute to their product roadmap.

I'm also an early adopter of My CarbonClick, which is a platform for consumers to understand, reduce and offset their emissions. A positive outcome during participating in the beta trial was identifying an opportunity for CarbonClick to offer small business owners to offset the carbon emissions of their business, and I'll be supporting CarbonClick to build out this product by providing data, feedback and offsetting all of 3sixty2 emissions. Through My CarbonClick - 3sixty2 is working through measuring, reducing and offsetting business related emissions within business operations such as office, printing, advertising etc.