Our Carbon Clear Approach

At 3sixty2, our story is rich with history. Every grape, every vine, every bottle; steeped in tradition. We care deeply for the past and everything it’s given us – but right now, we need to focus on something else. We need to look at where we’re going. Our world is in danger, and we desperately want a future.

… and we’re looking at you, carbon.

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We're doing our bit.

We have a founder, Alice. She’s pretty special. She cares deeply about the world, and does everything she can to protect it. On top of running 3sixty2, she’s also doing an MBA in sustainable business – learning as much as she can, to do as much good as possible. She is smart, driven and passionate. The reason we are who we are.

With Alice at the helm, we’re doing things, big things, in the name of sustainability. We’re not just fighting climate change – we’re on the front line, day after day. We’re reducing our carbon footprint. We’re choosing to work with sustainable suppliers, whenever and wherever we can. We’re sourcing sustainable grapes and striving to be better. We’re measuring, reducing and offsetting – through carbon sequestration and our partnership with CarbonClick.

We’re in a battle with carbon, and we won’t stop until we’ve won.

Carbon Negative Wine

But, what does it all mean? 

We get it, there’s a lot to take in. Carbon this, negative that … it’s a lot to get your head around. Some of you may know a lot, while others may still be learning. To help you out, we’ve decided to break a few things down. 

Carbon Emissions. Bad news. Carbon – in this case, carbon emitted by businesses and their energy production – is a greenhouse gas warming up the atmosphere and the Earth's surface. A climate change villain. 

Carbon Credit. A credit represents one tonne of CO2e that has either been removed from or avoided entering the atmosphere. By purchasing certified carbon credits through platforms like CarbonClick, businesses can balance out their environmental impact by supporting high quality climate projects, like reforestation and clean energy. This is called carbon offsetting.

CarbonClick. A New Zealand company, leading the fight against climate change. This sustainability-powerhouse enables businesses to purchase carbon credits, by supporting projects that positively impact the environment (like wind farms or reforestation).

Carbon Sequestration. The process of capturing carbon dioxide and removing it from the atmosphere, through natural resources (like our vines and our soil). A good-guy in the climate change struggle.

Carbon-Neutral. When a business offsets (or sequesters) the same amount of carbon that they emit, bringing their carbon footprint to an even zero.

Carbon-Negative. When a business offsets (or sequesters) more carbon than they emit.

But, what does that make 3sixty2? 

We’re currently carbon-negative – and very proud of it. We measure, reduce and offset more than 200% of our carbon emissions, for every single bottle produced.

 We’d love to be naturally carbon negative, but that’s an ongoing journey (and one that requires everyone’s input). To make this happen, we’d need our suppliers – all of them – to be naturally carbon-negative too. Which, for some industries (like transportation) isn’t technologically possible. Yet. Our suppliers are amazing, but sometimes their suppliers, the global big-dogs, are the ones not stepping up. As a tiny island down the bottom of the map, we don’t have a lot of say when it comes to these guys. But, we’re trying. We’ll never stop trying.

And then there’s the Paris Agreement, which sadly doesn’t count our carbon sequestration. But that’s ok, it’s not all about being counted. As a little (but mighty) business, we’re proud of our natural resources, out there doing their carbon-fighting thing. We just get on with it, by offsetting our emissions in other ways. It’s double the work, but we’re ok with that. We’ve got the bigger picture in mind.

Want to help? 

Every bottle of 3sixty2 wine is carbon-negative … until it needs to be shipped to your door. In the world of carbon, transportation is a big problem. But, it’s a problem that you can be part of fixing. A problem that gives you the chance to do your bit for the planet.

It’s really simple. When you get to the checkout, look for the CarbonClick button. By clicking this, you’ll add a small contribution to your order – to purchase carbon offsets (which help to cancel out the carbon generated by the delivery trucks). You can even track your funds to see exactly where they’ve gone. For a more detailed understanding of our carbon offset projects, check out our Carbon Offset Portfolio.

We believe. 

We believe in the power of Kaitiakitanga, or guardianship and conservation of the land, sea and sky. We believe in taking small steps, medium steps, giant steps – as long as we’re always stepping towards a better tomorrow. We believe that wine begins in nature – the rocky soils, the proud vines, the clean New Zealand air – so it’s our duty, our right, our privilege to protect our natural world from harm.

We believe that if we want a more beautiful NZ, we have to leave behind our criticisms, our accusations, our culture of belittling and pointing the finger. We want to re-nourish our country, by closing the rural-urban divide. We believe in a culture of working together. A culture of championing even the tiniest of efforts.

And, we believe in you. We know you care, and we love you for it. You’re learning, you’re trying, you’re giving a damn. Just like us.

Welcome to the fight against carbon. We’re so glad you’re here.

Check out our impact. 

3sixty2. Honour nature. Strive for more.