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It was abruptly pointed out to me that my blog hadn’t been updated since StuffNZ interviewed me from a hospital bed. My friend Hannah got the paper, cut it out and brought it over while she brushed my hair and did all the things I was to disabled to do.

So seeing as I have a soft Pinot Noir launch coming up this week, i’ll keep this blog short with 362 snapfire questions. Jokes. Only 23. Should take you two and a half minutes to read,

What’s the best part about founding 3sixty2

That I can create my own rules.

What’s a day in the life of Alice look like? 

There's no such thing as a typical day- but  day always starts with black coffee in a locally crafted pottery cup! If i’m not travelling it will be jumping on to shopify, dispatching wine. I write everything down… even in a diary… I have endless to do lists, smash through the work and love crossing things out, screwing up the paper and chucking it on the floor. How productive I’ve been is usually reflected on how much paper is on the floor. I’m not messy, it’s just my weird system. I still freelance to finance the business and usually this is done in the mornings because our team are US based. Cooper lives for adventures and I love the light most in Hawkes Bay from 5pm so take him for a run around then. Come home pour a glass of wine, cook something yum and find something to do. It’s unusual for me to watch tv. 

What’s your career highlight? 

That I managed to create a business I love.

What advice would you give someone starting in the industry? 

Ignore stigmas. Ask for help. Connect. Love what you do; if you don’t explore other options.

Sustainability to you means? 

Thinking 50 years ahead and treating people with respect. People are everything. 

Three words that describe you? 

Passionate. Hardworking. Genuine.

Best advice you have ever received? 

Sometimes the biggest setbacks are the most valuable, find the silver lining and extract some kind of beauty from it. It’s true. I was criticised and made to work with RSE’s because now I am working to create impact in the Pacific Islands for these people, and I'm a better winemaker because I was made to do that backbreaking work with them and respect better than most the efforts they put in. The worst employer I had led me to establish 3sixty2. My broken shoulder led me to recalibrate how I operate my business, better understand who I could rely on and better connected me to those who matter. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

Making lovable wines, being a world leader in sustainable wine production in Marlborough New Zealand, travelling the world to my key export markets.

What you love most about Spring? 

Tulips and daylight savings.

What you love most about Summer? 

Late night BBQ’s, paddle boarding with Cooper and drinking wine in the sunshine.

What do you love most about Autumn? 

When the trees change their colour. 

What do you love most about Winter? 

The warm cooperage and the smell of the wines going through malo, fire at home and reading heaps of books.

Last book you read? 

The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. Recommend too.

Next book you have to read? 

I am so excited for this to arrive - I bought it at Paper Plane yesterday, it's called Wild Kinship: Conversations with Conscious Entrepreneurs. Always a mix between fiction and nonfiction.

Favourite film? 

The World's Fastest Indian.

Favourite TV/Netflix show? 

Oh I am terrible  - I don’t watch TV! I watch the same movies on repeat - and hardly ever watch Netflix but got really keen on Peaky Blinders - so yeah that’s the next to join the on repeat list. Oh and I love the David Attenborough series. 

You never leave home without? 

Cooper my dog.

Artist that inspires you? 

Lot’s, art is my thing. Let’s start with my very good friend Ryan McCauley; he is somehow able to capture things on camera as they genuinely are. I adore all my Kim Pieters works. Fleur Wickes is the next piece of work I'm saving up for. 

Song you have on repeat? 

Chateau - Angus and Julia Stone

Mantra you live by? 

Good things don’t come to those who ‘wait’ they come to those to go out, work hard and make it happen. 

What’s a moment that has stuck with you and changed your thinking? 

I remember my Dad organising these school planting groups - they were usually fundraisers where my whole class had to come in and plant trees and he would pay the school. I remember being so embarrassed of our old cottage and showing my friends how hard we were expected to work. But now I credit his sustainable and future thinking as the catalyst for my dreams for 3sixty2 - now my little business funds reforestation projects.  

Minimalist or Maximalist? 


Most Treasured item? 


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