The story behind 3sixty2.

The Story Behind 3sixty2

There has to be a great story behind a name like 3sixty2... A play-on-words is one thing. A play-on-numbers, however, holds meaning deeper than the roots of the vines that are harvested for the very purpose of our trade. 

Everything we do at 3Sixty2 is driven by the same passion for wine that James Busby, the pioneer of viticulture in Australasia, once had. Fire and flare delivers more than just a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. It is the sustainability of getting the very best out of our vines, it is the amenity of bringing us together, and it is the enjoyment of what makes up an essential part of our lives. The legacy of wine making in New Zealand is pivotal to who we are and why we do what we do.

Originally from Scotland, James Busby’s family immigrated to New South Wales, when he was 22 years old. A trained wine grower, he had developed a vision to bring viticulture in the Southwest Pacific to life by establishing a carefully selected vine collection.

Numbers mark the starting point of what has grown to be one of New Zealand’s greatest success stories. 570 is the number of different vine cuttings Busby had accumulated in his vine collection.  Yet 362 is the number of those vines survived the journey back from Europe.

-‘HOLD UP, – wasn’t it 363 vines?’ We can faintly hear a viticulture enthusiast’s plea ringing in our ears.

Well, yes, the number quite possibly may have been 363 as some sources say. And while we cannot conclude exactly whether it was 362 or 363, what we DO know for sure is that we like the sound of 362 better. So we’ve decided to roll with that. And whatever happened to that one mystery vine, well, let’s just call it a play-on-numbers.

Just like those 362 vines, resilience is core to the identity of our company, as it is to their nurturer, James Busby. An instrumental character, primarily known to us as the British Resident to New Zealand in the early 19th century, and facilitator of the Treaty of Waitangi. But little do we know, that without his vision, New Zealand would not have the successful wine industry that it has today.

Character was certainly not understated where Busby was concerned. Just like the boldest of wines, he was bursting with brilliance, full bodied and complex, with not so subtle hints of spice. He was a visionary and had an energy that created friction amongst those who tried to oppose his views. He was determined to convey his viewpoint on wine’s value in terms of economy, as well as its influence in terms of sociology. His idealistic views and innovative ideas on the way the world should be landed him in the realm of politics.

While becoming the first ever British Resident to New Zealand was not part of his plan, Busby accepted, honed in and delivered on the role. And while few varieties from his original vine collection have survived, the profound impact that this had on wine making in New Zealand stands proud. A true testament to how passion, determination and courage can drive success. Success, that continues to grow, long after the one who planted it.


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