Interview with Alice Rule | Founder | 3sixty2 wines

Interview with Alice Rule | Founder | 3sixty2 wines

The epitome of tenacity, focus, athlete and sustainability leader; Alice Rule is not keen on being put in a box but certainly checks all of them off. She shares with us what motivates her to do all the good she has been able to do as a 3sixty2 brand ambassador. We quickly realized Alice brings more to the table than a delicious drop. 


What is your personal mantra/motto right now?

Embrace curiosity and never stop asking why.  This drives my partner up the wall - but helps me get to the bottom of why and how systems work the way they do.  Something important to me is figuring out the value of taking something and making it better. I gather a lot of information, I ask way too many questions, I read a lot and I'm intrinsically wired to think about things that haven't even been invented yet.  When I started 3sixty2 - climate change wasn't on our industry radar - I found CarbonClick and made friends with them before they even released their first product - now I’m wired thinking about why New Zealand isn’t already climate positive while most are working through the technical details of a business one by one.  

Where are you from?

The Bay of Islands, New Zealand. 

Share a moment in your life that made you passionate about making the world a better place?

As a kid on the farm, Dad always had us out planting trees. Granted, I probably didn't appreciate those jobs back then but was a very important part of farming for my Dads so we just got on with it. I remember having this realisation years later - 10 years later working on the dairy farm on my Lincoln mid term breaks - noticing the trees we’d planted all those years ago, growing big, wildlife and native birds flourishing. And that's when I started noticing that business and wonderful ecology can coexist. 

Alice Rule - 3sixty2

If you could choose one word to describe yourself, what would it be?

That's a hard question. The analyst in me would say tenacious - because that’s how many describe me.  

What sparked your interest and passion to get involved with wine?

I first trained as a chef. I did my London City and Guilds in the Bay of Islands instead of finishing school and part of that involved working 3 days a week in a commercial kitchen. Out of luck, I chose a winery restaurant. At the time I thought this was really lucky because I didn't have to work the night shifts (every now and then  for weddings or functions). But the real luck was it connected me to a place where I figured out how fascinating wine was. Coming from a farming background, I was naturally more interested in being outside and growing things.

Alice Rule

Resources and technology aside, if you could make one remarkable change in the world by 2020, what would it be?

I read something the other day ….

“Just because right now it’s legal to treat the environment in a certain way, to use its resources and to impact it, doesn't mean that it's the right thing to do and there have been many things in the past that were once legal that now horrify us. It was legal to own people, to have slaves and to treat women, children in a certain way and I believe the way we treat the environment is going to be seen as a slime against nature and someone will hold you accountable. Whether that person is a judge, or your children, and grandchildren standing in front of you, in 20 years time asking ‘did you know what you were doing? What would you say to them?”

With this in mind - the change I’d like to make is to educate many people to make little decisions that make a big impact in reversing climate change. So we can say with integrity  to our grandchildren, that we played our part in making this better. . 

Share something that you’ve learned along the way, whether it’s one piece of advice or an experience that has helped guide you in your journey.

Three things. 

I wish my younger self had been taught this - “If you are willing to look at another person's behavior toward to as a reflection of the state of their relationship with themselves rather than a statement about your value a person, then you will, over a period of time cease to react at all” - Yogi Bhajan. 

You get out what you put in. Only lazy people look at success as ‘luck’ or good fortune. Good habits have always served me well. Get up from the punches but make sure to learn from them, cherish good people and talent, exercise, drink lots of water, prioritise and get lots of sleep. 

And never apologise for who you are. Your personality should never be shrouded by what others expect of you. Be shamefully, unapologetically you. Because you will find the world rallies behind those who carve roads of their own. 


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