Founders protégé

3sixty2 Alice Rule

For the first time we go behind the scenes and meet the founders old man -

I remember milking cows with my Dad early one morning and said to him - you know what they call me at work? He said no Al, whats that? Fair question really given the answer is often something about camels with humps, fantasy adventures or this song that people tend to only remember 5 words of ...who the F*@# is Alice. But I said, Unruly. As he hangs up the cups, he shakes his head and says with good empathy "oh they've called me that too most my life. So with that, meet Unruly Senior...

Tell us a little about yourself? 

I'm past retirement but continue to enjoy farming. 

 What keeps you busy? 

Once upon a time it was a fear of failure. These days it's about keeping healthy and active out on my farms. I'm lucky to have a heading dog Lou to help with my stock work - she's a star essential worker.

Best piece of advice you've passed on to your kids? 

To believe in yourself. 

How would you describe your farming style? 

Conventional and conservative. It's important to work with Mother Nature - respect and improve the land. It matters to be that I leave the land in a better condition than what I found it.  

Whats your favourite wine? 

Definitely the reds. Cabernet, Merlot and Malbec blends. I do consume a bottle of Al's Pinot from time to time. (good save Dad, good save).  

 What's your favourite meal? 

A home grown lamb roast with mint sauce and gravy. 

Alice Rule 3sixty2 Wine

This afternoon, let's charge our glasses and celebrate all the Dad's out there. Thinking of all those who have lost their Dad, Dads who have lost their children, those unable to be a Dad, those who don't know their Dad, Dads who play the role of Mum too, Dads with illness and those longing to be Dads. 


Alice x


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