Can Marlborough Sauvignon be a serious, ageworthy wine? 

Can Marlborough Sauvignon be a serious, ageworthy wine? 

New Zealand’s Marlborough region is internationally known for producing distinguishing Sauvignon Blanc, but these readings reveal that there is so much potential for barrel fermented Sauvignon Blanc. I have collated some articles, blogs and musings that look into the ageing potential of oaked Sauvignon Blanc to help you understand why we age our Sauvignon, and how it is made. I hope you find them as interesting as I do... 

Sauvignon Blanc for people who don’t like Sauvignon Blanc.

Words by Bob Campbell MW

The older wine tends to be richer and less pungent with softer acidity. At five or six years of age it is starting to develop interesting toasty flavours that mimic oak. It is beginning to look more like a Chardonnay than a Sauvignon Blanc. The older wine suits those who are scornful about Sauvignon.” 

Learning from the best:

Words by Tessa Nicholson at New Zealand Winegrower

"I think there is so much potential for New Zealand and particularly Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc with barrel ferments."

How wild Sauvignon is made…

Words by Joelle Thomson, Regional Wine and Spirits 

“which drink beautifully when young but have great longevity and time up their sleeve to age too, as a retrospective 10 year vertical line up.” 

New Zealand oaked Sauvignon Blanc, panel tasting results:

Words by Rebecca Gibb MW, Decanter 

With quality on display across the board, this tasting proved that New Zealand’s oaked styles of Sauvignon Blanc deserve attention. Rebecca Gibb MW shares the highlights…”

Fumé Blanc Is Sauvignon Blanc. So How Did It Get A Different Name?

Words by Gina Pace, Forbes 

“Marlborough leaps out of the glass and very out there and overt. Our wine draws you in to the glass, draws your attention and holds you there sip after sip.” 

Oaked Sauvignons - what works?

Words by Jancis Robinson, personal website

We tend to think of Sauvignon Blanc primarily as an unoaked wine, but I must say I have been hugely impressed by some oaked Sauvignons and in fact would probably more easily recall thrilling oaked Sauvignons than unoaked ones, despite the ocean of unoaked examples from Marlborough and Sancerre that washes around the globe.”

Three evolving styles of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc.

Words by Chris Howard, Club Enologique 

“We’re not talking about a new style – rather an evolution of the classic one”

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